The Permanent Fund

Since 1937 the PERMANENT FUND has been the Harvard Travellers Club's primary means of supporting and encouraging worthy travel-related research and exploration. Each year, in the best tradition of supporting "intelligent travel," the PERMANENT FUND has provided modest stipends (up to $4000) to one or more dedicated and adventurous researchers.

We encourage all members to consider making a voluntary contribution, however large or small. You can simply include your additional gift with your annual dues payment, and indicate that it is for the PERMANENT FUND. Alternatively, a check, made out to the HARVARD TRAVELLERS CLUB PERMANENT FUND may be sent to the Club's treasurer, Michael Greene, 19 Arlington St, No. 33, Boston, MA 02116-3420.

Members may also want to consider a bequest, or a gift of securities or saleable property. All such gifts are welcome and encouraged. Any donation to the PERMANENT FUND is, of course, fully tax deductible as a charitable gift.

For information on applying for grant support for a project, click here: